Carmen Román Mallén

Carmen is a freelance artist living and working in Brisbane, Australia. 

Art Statement

She has always been enthralled by the experience of art-making itself. The feeling of her hands engaging with the materials, the moments before and after mark-making, and the subtle shifts in seeing the natural world around her.

Her work is the accumulation of feelings, memories, landscape, sunsets and sunrises that form into colours and shapes. Her work is primarily driven by the way she experiences the world visually, through the mental notes and pictures she takes as she goes about her day.

Carmen is passionate about the unique impact artwork can have in our lives. She believes that art can create unique, kind and pleasant experiences in the spaces we dwell.

Each piece is built with the highest quality and most sustainable materials available.

You can follow her journey here


House & Garden Magazine, Artist Feature (May Issue, 2022)

House & Garden Magazine, Artist Feature (June Issue, 2022)

Art / Edit Magazine, Full-page Artist Feature (Fall Issue, 2022)

House & Garden Magazine, Artist Feature (July Issue, 2022) 


Red Hill Art Gallery, Brisbane (2021-2022)

Abstract Group Exhibition, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane (2022)

Redland Art Gallery, Brisbane (2022)

Holland Open Garden, New South Wales (2022)


2022 Redland Art Awards Finalist. Represented by Redland Art Gallery. Oficial opening event Friday 14 October. Tickets available here

2022 Memory Makers Art Prize Finalist. Represented by Holland Open Garden and Creative Fusion Gallery. Opening Saturday 15 October. 


Always looking to collaborate, please do not hesitate to get in touch if Carmen’s style could work with your brand. 

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