Carmen is a freelance artist living and working in Sevilla, España. 

Despite being back in her hometown now, her artist career started in Brisbane, Australia where she was based for more than four years.

Creating art has always captivated her – the tactile connection with materials, the anticipation and reflection surrounding mark-making, and the nuanced observations of the light movement. She is fervent about the distinct influence art can wield in our lives, shaping kind and delightful experiences within our spaces.

Her art is inspired by light, energy and atmosphere. It is guided by her visual encounters with the world and how she perceives it. 

Each piece is built with the highest quality and most sustainable materials available.

You can follow her journey here


Art / Edit Magazine, Interview: In Conversation with (March Issue, 2023)

The Art Radar, interview: Five questions to Carmen R. Mallen (May, 2023)

House & Garden Magazine, Artist Feature (May Issue, 2022)

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ECHO group exhibition, The Side Gallery, Brisbane (2024)

Art on loop, The Holly Art Gallery, NYC (2023)

Virtual Group exhibition “Reflections II”. Royal Blue Gallery, UK (2023)

Holland Open Garden, New South Wales (2022)

Group Exhibition, Red Hill Art Gallery, Brisbane (2021-2022)

Abstract Group Exhibition, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane (2022)

Redland Art Gallery, Brisbane (2022)


2022 Redland Art Awards Finalist. Represented by Redland Art Gallery. Official opening event Friday 14 October 2022.

2022 Memory Makers Art Prize Finalist. Represented by Holland Open Garden and Creative Fusion Gallery. Opening Saturday 15 October 2022.


Always looking to collaborate, please do not hesitate to get in touch if Carmen’s style could work with your brand. 

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